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It's the best book ever because I'm in all the pictures!
- Max, age 4

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The Tiger House is presented as a 24-page perfect-bound book, printed using a photo-book service to ensure great quality.The story is based on the Hero's Journey, just like Star Wars, Rick & Morty, Alice in Wonderland, The Odyssey, The Wizard of Oz, and a million other classics.

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The Tiger House - Part 1

Note: the text is subject to ongoing editing and revision

Part 1: Setting Out on the QuestTiger Child lived in a big, colorful Tiger House filled with rooms and toys, and surrounded by their animal friends. They loved playing with their friends, exploring the rooms, and enjoying meals, but they felt like something was missing in their life. One day, while eating a bowl of fruit, they found a mysterious message hidden inside a banana. The message was a map that led to a treasure, and a talking bird appeared to invite them on the quest."Tiger Child, with step so light,
Begins their quest, so full of might.
With food, and magic, oh so fun,
The journey starts, it's just begun."
The Message in the Banana
The bird, a parrot with colorful feathers, introduced itself and explained that the map was to a magical treasure that only the bravest and wisest could obtain. Tiger Child was excited and scared at the same time, but they were determined to find the treasure. The parrot flew ahead, leading the way to the first stop on the journey.
"In jungle green, a message lay,
A clue to lead, on this bright day.
With mystery, it called to Tiger Child,
Their quest begun, their courage filed."

Frequently Asked Questions

What age group is this for?

The Tiger House is intended for children aged 2-9 years.

What is the story's content?

The story of The Tiger House is about a kid named Tiger Child who discovers a treasure map, sets out to find the treasure, overcoming obstacles and making many friends, and who eventually returns home to discover that the greatest treasure is the friends that were made along the way.

So it’s a real physical book?

Yes. It's perfect bound, 24 pages, with a patterned spine. It's printed using a high-quality photo-book service.

Will it look exactly like the child?

Almost! AI is not perfect, so there are always some imperfections. Look at the pictures on this site to see if you can spot the differences!

Where can I see an example ebook?

Drop us a line if you want a preview PDF. I'm still figuring out the best way to present it on the website.

Is every story the same?

That's right. To help ensure publishing maintains a high standard at a reasonable price, the story is always the same.

Is there a privacy policy?

Your images and AI model are used to create your book, then they are deleted. They will never be sold, reused or retained.

Do you ship to my region?

Yes, sure do!

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